Shakha - SHK4-28 [Size: 2/4 (Approx. 57.2 mm)]

Shakha - SHK4-28 [Size: 2/4 (Approx. 57.2 mm)]

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Shakha are white bangles of conch-shell and worn in both the hands. Mostly it is worn by Hindu Bengali Women. Beautiful Shakha of premium quality.

Quantity: 1 Pair of Shakha

Material: Pure Conch Shell

Colors: White

Thickness: Approx. 4.5 mm (Medium)

Quality: Premium Quality Raw Shakha with Attractive Design (Real Conch Shell)

Size: 2/4 (Approx. 57.2 mm)

Other features: It is designed by Kolkata Artisans. It is the Pride of Bengali culture. Beautiful work with perfect finishing. It can be wore in any occasion like Wedding, Festivals, Casual & Traditional Ceremonies, Bengali Women mostly wore it as Daily Wear.

Traditional Values: Hindu Bengali women wear certain symbols of marriage, like Shakha, Pola, Loha, Sindoor and Aalta. Shakha are white bangles of conch-shell and Pola are red bangles made of red corals. Shakha and Pola are worn in both the hands. It is to be seen that within one year of the marriage, they do not break. If anything of that sort happens, it is not considered good omen for the married life of the bride. Loha is a bangle made of iron. It is worn only in the left hand. It may or may not be covered by gold. Sindoor is vermilion which is applied on the parting of the hair. Usage of Sindoor by a woman implies that she is already married. Aalta or Mahawar or Rose Bengal is a red dye which women in India (specially Rajput, Bengali and Oriya women in Eastern India) apply with cotton on the border of their feet during marriages and religious festivals. All these are symbols of marriage for Hindu Bengali women. Many believe that wearing these could ward off bad omens. All these symbols of marriage are worn by women only.

Disclaimer: Since all these Shakhas are handcrafted & made through real conch shell, so there might have some design difference with the actual product & the photo(s) displaying here.

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Shakha - SHK4-28 [Size: 2/4 (Approx. 57.2 mm)]

Shakha - SHK4-28 [Size: 2/4 (Approx. 57.2 mm)]

₹799 ₹899