Pooja Jal Shankha - JS-08

Pooja Jal Shankha - JS-08

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Jal Shakha are real conch-shell, it is having ritual and religious importance in Hindu religion & even in Buddhism. It is the shell of a large predatory sea snail, Turbinella pyrum, found in the Indian Ocean. In Hindu mythology, the shankha is a sacred emblem of the Hindu preserver god Vishnu. It is still used as a trumpet in Hindu ritual, and in the past was used as a war trumpet. The shankha is praised in Hindu scriptures as a giver of fame, longevity and prosperity, the cleanser of sin and the abode of Lakshmi, who is the goddess of wealth and consort of Vishnu.

Quantity: 1

Material: Pure Conch Shell

Colors: White/Shiny White

Length: Approx. 4 inches

Quality: Original Conch Shell

Traditional Values: The Shankha is considered very sacred in Hinduism and the Shankha is used in almost all the works of worship, but as Hindu mythology Shankha Water should not offer to lord Shiva or Shivlinga. There is a legend behind this, which is forbidden to do so. This is explained in detail in Shivpuran.

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Pooja Jal Shankha - JS-08

Pooja Jal Shankha - JS-08

₹129 ₹149